A parody of reality TV and dating culture that will bring out your fiercely competitive side.

I was a concept and gameplay designer for this board game.

Drawing inspiration from the game-piece-sacrificing Up The River board game, the chaotically changing game objectives of the card game Fluxx, and the hair-pulling drama of reality TV, our goal for this game was to create a frenzied and competitive experience. Players take on the role of showrunner for a reality TV competition and orchestrate a race down the wedding aisle. Each turn, players choose between sabotaging each other or advancing one of their own contestants to meet the fiancé’s current desire in a spouse: someone with beauty, brains, or bank. (Yes, they are mutually exclusive.) But strategy will only get you so far when the fiancé could change what they’re looking for at any moment.

Board game designed with Rudi Vanzin and Qiqi Zuo in 2017.

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