Strengths Celebration

The Strengths Celebration was a two-day event for employees of the Santa Monica – Malibu Unified School District office in May 2022. The participatory program focused on the science of well-being and the concept of character strengths, trait-like positive qualities that reflect our values.

I was contracted by EdFam™—a group of facilitators, practitioners, and experienced educators all trained in the application of positive psychology—to help bring a new dimension of fun, guest-focused experience to the delivery of their professional development content. I was involved in the design of the Strengths Celebration from conception to execution and consulted on everything from invitation communications to the agenda and playful, purposeful activities.

Project contributions

Creative & strategic consulting with a focus on a fun, meaningful, & participatory guest experience

Event production & on-site coordination

Consulting on communications & content


100% of guests surveyed:

• agreed the event was fun & they would recommend it to others

• left the event enthusiastic to engage with their & others’ strengths to at least some degree

• felt the event had some contribution to their own well-being

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