Experience Design Consulting

I partner with creatives, leaders, & positive psychology practitioners who create deeply engaging experiences with meaningful impact. Let’s craft transformational experiences together.

expertise in the science of well-being


design practices from games & interactive media


elevated & impactful guest-oriented experiences

from workshops to events to immersive to retreats

I work on all kinds of experiential and participatory programs, specializing in offerings that gather groups of people (either virtually or in person) for real-time, synchronous engagement.

Let’s connect about how I can support your project!


Creative & strategy

Coaching conversations that unearth and clarify your experience’s deeper purpose. Creative ideation that unlocks fresh ideas. Strategic feedback, analysis, and evaluation methods that get to what really matters. I have the tools to support and enhance your creative process no matter what stage your project is in.

Project example: designing a professional well-being workshop with a party atmosphere and meaningful, engaging activities

Behavioral & well-being expertise

I am skilled at translating relevant insights from the science of psychology and well-being into practical suggestions for the design of your experience.

As long as you are engaging people, you have the opportunity to delight, inspire, and even deeply move them.

Project example: applying principles from gathering design and positive psychology to level up a virtual, social membership experience

“Sydney’s process had us explore and reimagine our events from the ground up… She helped us connect with our goals…and then identified relevant psychological concepts…. From creative activities to peak moments, our events have been transformed for the better and our effectiveness as an organization has benefited.”

Jeff R. • non-profit founder, climate advocate, brand designer •

Speaking & workshops

Do you want to know what psychology can tell us about how people experience your collective event? What aspects of a festival or attraction lead guests to recommend it to others? What actually matters for audiences at a concert in how they evaluate it and how much they remember enjoying it? What contributes to feelings of connection at a conference, retreat, or even a sporting event?

Questions like these excite me, and as a guest speaker or facilitator, I can make answering them exciting for your team too. My speaking engagements are always interactive and tailored to your needs, goals, and context. Please get in touch to learn more about bringing what participants have called an “incredibly thoughtful, inspiring, and meaningful experience” to your team or company.

Project management & experiential production

I have years of experience producing interactive projects and live events.

From planning to the big day, I can bring your vision to life with incredible attention to detail while never losing sight of the big picture.

Project example: project management and game design / production for an interactive installation and immersive video game activated at a mega-music festival

I can’t wait to chat about the greater potential of your experiential project.

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